High-quality maintenance for reserve power systems

Millog secures your operations and guarantees reliable auxiliary power in all situations.

Comprehensive partnership secures your electricity availability and helps prepare for disturbances

Are you prepared for production shutdowns brought on by disturbances in electrical distribution? Do you have an up-to-date understanding of the state, lifecycle phase and spare part availability of your backup power systems? Do you need a partner who can secure the undisturbed operation of your generators and aggregates for years to come?

Electricity distribution generally faces three kinds of threats: there may be problems in power generation, the power grid may become compromised, or electricity availability may become rationed due to insufficient production capacity. Power generation and rationing can be affected by different crises, conflicts and market disturbances while power grid failures are often due to storms.

Preparing for different disturbances requires making sure that all your reserve power units, generators and other auxiliary systems are in working order and that their capacity is sufficient to secure your critical operations even during lengthier outages. Preparing for shutdowns requires that your company has comprehensive plans for both sudden and planned power cuts.

Expert maintenance for the entire system lifecycle

Millog is Finland’s largest maintenance and lifecycle service provider for reserve power systems. In addition to status assessments and basic maintenance we can help with reserve power acquisition, governance, modernizations and disposal – we provide comprehensive expert service for the entire lifecycle.

We help you recognize risks and prepare for disturbances.

We build long partnerships with our customers and help them create plans for securing their power availability for years to come. This way both their ability to react and the investments made in reserve power systems are preserved. One of our key strengths is a systematic approach and careful documentation: our customers are always provided with a clear report on the performed maintenance and the state of their machinery and power centers.

Millog services diesel-operated reserve power units by all manufacturers up to thousands of kilovolt amperes. We ensure the operation of fixed and portable reserve power systems with thorough inspections, test runs, operational tests and maintenance. We are also experts in motor machining, injection pump maintenance and reserve power system programming.

We perform annual maintenance for fixed systems at their installation location. Portable systems can either be serviced on-site or at one of our service depots.

One-stop shop for reserve power maintenance:

  • Maintenance and testing, dummy runs, required accessories and liquids.
  • Detailed service report including test results, maintenance details and used spare parts.
  • Safety, operational and reliability risks and cost estimates for minimizing them. We can often fix found defects and problems on-site.
  • Small-scale repairs during maintenance visits, such as hose clamp tightening, supporting wiring harnesses or couplings with cable ties, tightening joints or attachments.
  • Removal and recycling of all used materials (incl. filters and oils) in accordance with our environmental certifications.

Additional services:

  • Start-up battery replacement ensures operational reliability.
  • Cooling liquid replacement guarantees resistance for cold weather, prevents corrosion and improves cooling ability.
  • Cooling system cleansing. If replacing the cooling liquid has been neglected or there is otherwise a reason to suspect that the system is contaminated, it is important to cleanse the system before refilling the cooling liquid. The cleansing includes washing the cooling system with appropriate chemicals, rinsing the system and refilling the cooling liquid.
  • Full load trial run with an external load ensures that the system’s performance is up to spec. Recommended with regular intervals (1 to 4 years) depending on the system.

All services include removal and recycling for used materials.

Preparedness is built on a preventive maintenance model

Our extensive services secure operational reliability and the entire lifecycle of your reserve power systems. We always start with a thorough initial analysis. A status survey helps define maintenance needs and assess part availability.

Millog’s preventive maintenance model covers annual maintenance, basic service, testing, and trial runs with load. Our extensive maintenance plan is tailored according to match your reserve power system’s use profile and frequency plus required material procurement. Our national service network and spare part service guarantee quick and reliable service in case of defects or disruptions. Our on-call maintenance service can help tackle problems also remotely.

We can extend the service life of your reserve power systems with mid-life upgrades that include replacing aging spare parts, updating the control system and updating mechanical parts.

When a backup power unit reaches the end of its lifecycle, we take care of decommissioning, aftertreatment and appropriate recycling. We can also help you with the acquisition and lifecycle planning of a new system.

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