Strategiset kumppanuudet

Fresh ideas and competitiveness from strategic partnership

Comprehensive outsourcing of services and human resources brings flexibility, cost-effectiveness and superior security of supply without compromising safety.

Outsourcing makes life-cycle management easy

Millog strives to build long-term strategic partnerships that allow our customers to focus on what they do best. We take our confidential relationships seriously, and we know the special requirements of our industry inside and out and create value in a sustainable way.

We deliver high-quality services as cost-effectively as possible, taking advantage of our nationwide network of service providers and the versatile expertise of our subsidiaries. Trusting an experienced and highly esteemed partner with your services gives you peace of mind about the long-term development and continuity of your business whatever the circumstances. You also get access to the industry’s leading experts and their diverse experience.

We take full responsibility for all aspects of servicing, maintenance and logistics

We always deliver on our promises. With our strategic partnerships, we take full responsibility for all aspects of our customers’ maintenance and logistics needs, including comprehensive life-cycle management. We also help our customers to develop new processes, competencies, equipment and technologies, and we can even take care of project management. Our customers can also ask to have our staff work physically in the same space as their own human resources.

Sharing a workspace is the best way to ensure an easily scalable and seamless partnership that can be adapted to each customer’s needs and operating environment.

Standards guaranteed by ISO certification

Millog focuses on customers who operate in critical sectors of society, such as security, protection and rescue services, defence, social and health services as well as energy generation, infrastructure, transport and various branches of industry.

Our core expertise is safeguarding our customers’ operations in the event of unexpected developments or threats. Our long experience as a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and continuous development have perfected our operating model and made it sufficiently robust to also withstand exceptional circumstances and situations. All our employees are security-cleared to ensure that our customers can sleep peacefully at night.

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Jani Peltonen

Sales manager, authorities and industry

Markku Riekkola

Sales Director, authorities and industry

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