We make your storage more efficient

A warehouse efficiency improvement and stock level optimization project streamlines your operations making your inventory more cost-efficient.

Running a smooth business requires that your all your stocked inventory is useful and easy to find. This requires up-to-date material balance, stock labeling, and item data both in your ERP system and in physical storage. When warehouse processes, storage layouts and conditions are optimized, you’re not stocking unnecessary material or losing time searching for spare parts or components.

Is your warehouse optimized and organized efficiently? Can you safely say that you are stocking enough critical components to tackle production shutdowns? Stock level optimization makes your logistics more efficient.

Up-to-date status on your inventory

Our logistics professionals have performed dozens of complete storage re-organizations and optimization projects throughout Finland. We also train your staff in organized stock management.

We guarantee that our service provides you with an up-to-date understanding of your inventory and that the discoverability of items is significantly improved. If you are using SAP, we can implement the required changes right into your system. We always tailor our service to meet your needs.

Millog’s services for better storage

When your stock is optimized…

  • You know what is in your inventory – and what isn’t.
  • You can utilize your storage facilities more efficiently thanks to it being organized and free of out-of-date material.
  • Your workplace safety is improved.
  • Your operations are more efficient – no more wasted time searching for items.
  • Your company’s and warehouse’s operational reliability is improved.

This is how we do it

What can we do for you?

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Sales Director, authorities and industry

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