Contingency planning ensures uninterrupted operations

Millog is an expert in readiness, contingency and lifecycle planning. We secure the operational reliability of government authorities and companies in all situations and circumstances.

Millog provides services that safeguard the operational reliability of authorities and businesses in all circumstances, including emergencies and disturbances. We are experts in readiness planning and consider different threats and risks thoroughly in our work. We recognize the importance of being prepared for both our society and national security of supply, and wish to advance contingency planning in Finnish businesses through our expertise.

Recent years have shown how quickly our operating environments can change. The importance of being prepared has increased both in our society and within businesses. Being prepared for different disruptions and circumstances is a continuous process that needs to be revised and adjusted to match changing situations.

You can ensure that your company’s operations remain uninterrupted by planning for the unexpected. This way you can recover quickly from different disruptions and achieve a competitive advantage especially among customers who value contingency planning. A key aspect of readiness is to recognize your organization’s important operations and their risks, draft viable continuity, readiness and recovery plans, plus train and practice according to said plans.

Millog provides government authorities and companies with services that ensure their operational reliability and competitive edge in all situations. We can help with readiness planning for maintenance and logistics, risk management, plus performance optimization and development for the entire system lifecycle. We are your comprehensive partner for contingency planning.

How does it work?

  • Contingency introduction and preliminary survey. We train your key personnel and measure your preparedness baseline through maturity analysis.
  • Strategic contingency plan. We start and guide the planning work and refine it into a customized contingency plan that is then taken into practice. We help you implement contingency planning into your company’s strategy.
  • Updating the plans. We inspect and update the plans regularly. We train your staff and test their operational readiness.

Your partner for comprehensive contingency planning

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Markku Riekkola

Sales Director, authorities and industry

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