Controlled disposal ensures that sensitive information stays secure

Millog is an expert of secure material disposal and destruction. Controlled disposal makes sure that sensitive material does not end up in the wrong hands.

Millog disposes and destroys devices, documents and other products that contain sensitive information. We help you keep your business secrets and other materials safe while minimizing data breach risks.

Does your business have confidential or hard-to-dispose material that needs to be destroyed? Are you aware of your obligations and regulations regarding material disposal? Leave it to us – Millog is your expert partner for disposing unneeded materials responsibly and discreetly. Our professionals have a long and varied history with performing controlled material disposals for businesses and government authorities.

Avoid data breach risks

A controlled disposal may become relevant in the case of a migration or confiscation, or for example when a business is terminated. Our security-cleared experts catalogue and seal all materials that need to be disposed. We then draft transportation and risk assessment plans, and transport the materials to the disposal site.

Millog makes sure that all materials are destroyed beyond repair or any data retrieval attempts. We then recycle the materials and possible hazardous waste appropriately. We can also provide an illustrated end report of the disposal if required. The disposal’s expenses consist of the disposal work, transport costs plus possible subcontracting expenses.

We can also disassemble equipment and remove parts that can be reused safely. If your materials have resale value, don’t hesitate to ask about our auctioneering services.

Our service includes…

  • A complete solution for all your disposal needs.
  • The complete disposal process from planning to documentation.
  • Disposal of papers and documents, phones, memory sticks, compact discs, computers, hard drives and other sensitive materials.
  • Security-cleared professionals every step of the way.
  • An experienced and reliable Finnish project team.
  • Sustainable disposal and recycling.

This is how we do it

What can we do for you?

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Kari Relander

Development Manager

Markku Riekkola

Sales Director, authorities and industry

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