Flexible and fast maintenance for all engine types

Preventive maintenance extends engine service life and helps quickly restore operations after downtimes.

Collaborative planning keeps maintenance costs down

Ensuring the continuity of operations is a key element of business contingency planning. Components and engines must be in good condition so that in the event of a disruption, production can be quickly restored and the machines returned to operation.

A part of the Millog Group, Millog Marine & Power specialises in marine engines, transmission and clutches and port equipment. We also service industrial engines, power plant machinery, heavy machinery, and earthmoving machines as well as various transmissions with experience and professionalism.

Our special expertise includes critical infrastructure and maintenance equipment, such as naval forces equipment, port machinery, railway maintenance, airport maintenance equipment, backup power units, and machinery for the process and mining industries. We carry out maintenance in our workshops and with the help of our field maintenance services flexibly all over Finland and internationally.

Comprehensive maintenance for new and old engines

Over the decades, we have witnessed advances in engine technology, from mechanical diesel engines to the latest low-emission technology. We are at the forefront of technological advances in adopting the latest solutions and methods in our industry. Our comprehensive service covers the entire maintenance process from testing and diagnostics to servicing, reporting and extensive documentation.

Decades of experience with all engine types and sizes helps us quickly understand our customers’ needs and necessary measures. We always assess service needs, timetables, and cost estimates in detail with the customer to ensure there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Our versatile and modern equipment, high service capacity, modern facilities and experienced, trained and professional personnel give us the capability to take on maintenance projects of all sizes.

Fast and reliable service in Finland and internationally

Thanks to our nationwide service network, we can provide fast service anywhere in Finland at our workshops and on customer premises and other locations – also internationally.

We have worked with the world’s leading engine and spare parts manufacturers for over 50 years. Thanks to our own imports, we can obtain critical spare parts for even the most demanding needs faster and more reliably than through conventional distribution channels. Our trained technicians ensure that the customer gets the spare parts they need installed without delays.

Our maintenance service is supported by our storage and logistics services, which allow us to pre-purchase, store and maintain critical spare parts on-site. We maximise engine lifecycle by assessing maintenance needs proactively and cost-effectively.

Maintenance services

  • Engine and equipment servicing, repairs and modifications
  • Preventive and scheduled maintenance
  • Lifecycle management and planning
  • Fault repairs, inspections and investigations
  • Testing and diagnostics
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Spare parts services, storage and logistics

Serviced equipment

  • Marine engines and equipment
  • Industrial diesel engines and equipment
  • Backup power units
  • Process-industry valves
  • Port infrastructure maintenance
  • Superchargers
  • Crushers
  • Heavy vehicles and machinery

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