Secure your systems and minimize risks

Millog is an expert of management and command systems, cyber security, system integrations and demanding network solutions securing the operations of the defence sector, authorities and companies in all circumstances.

Protect your critical resources and prepare for threats

We help our customers discover and understand risks, allocate critical resources and ensure that their systems meet the needs and demands of the future.

Millog is a reliable Finnish partner with experience and expertise in securing system performance through first-class cyber security, smart maintenance and administration plus thorough testing.

As a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces, we provide demanding maintenance, lifecycle management and logistics services for ground, naval and air forces plus combined command systems. Our varied experience guarantees that we can also secure the performance of industrial production systems and networks in all situations.

We support your systems from acquisition to maintenance

Project services

We consider cyber resistance and resilience requirements from the start of every project and refine them along the way. Our experts provide cyber analyses, use case scenarios, architecture specifications plus cyber threat operating models for each project phase.

Testing and integration services

Thorough testing produces findings and solutions for different maintainability problems and challenges. We have the ability to integrate different systems and software across technologies and platforms. We make sure that the integrated systems work together seamlessly in the integration testing phase.

Implementation services

We make sure that the system meets its requirements regarding cyber resilience during the implementation phase. The system’s security is confirmed through cyber analyses during implementation. The system can be modeled in a virtual environment which is used to simulate and test the system’s performance and security, and it can also be utilized for teaching and training purposes. The environment is also useful for creating a clean system fingerprint.

Maintenance services

The goal of smart maintenance is to ensure the system’s secure performance and cyber resilience. By performing controlled hardware and software updates, testing, and administration we track the state of different system configurations and ensure that the system is up to date. We track possible vulnerabilities and analyze threats that may affect the system.

An expert partner integrates different systems securely

Data breaches can cause massive reputational and financial damage. Cyber influencing and attacks are difficult to spot, and recovering from them often takes valuable time. This is why it is important to ensure cyber resilience already in the design phase and take it into account throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Product development environments need to feature sufficient cyber security to minimize the risk of breaches. A production or management environment with different integrated hardware and automation systems requires meticulous planning to ensure that the system is easy to maintain and cyber security remains at a high level.

When the system consists of hardware by different providers, it is crucial that the system and its interfaces are documented thoroughly and its operation is straightforward. A multi-provider environment requires an administrator like Millog who can connect the entire hardware base into a seamless whole. An integrated solution makes sure that configuration management, compatibility and controlled updates are performed regularly and consistently.

Why choose Millog?

Approaching cyber security through practice

Our cyber expertise stems from our lengthy history with the maintenance of data, command, and other systems. We always approach cyber security through practice and actual use cases – we know how cyber security is intertwined with the systems’ operating environments and users’ everyday work.

Our number one focus is always serving our customers and securing their interests. We study their systems thoroughly so that we can also spot abnormal activities – whether they are due to hacking, physical interference or hybrid influencing.

Ensuring cyber security requires a partner like Millog who can understand broad system configurations and plan actions that are beneficial to the entire system. Securing society’s critical functions and systems is in our DNA. As the world is changing, we have developed our cyber expertise to match new needs and threats. Because our background lies in the solutions and systems of the physical world, we have a thorough understanding on how the cyber plane and everyday reality are intertwined.

Securing cyber resilience and performance is a continuous process

Cyber resilience is a continuous process that needs to be considered throughout the system’s lifecycle. The foundation for success is built already in the procurement phase. The ability to restore data in problematic situations enables faster recovery the company. We need to know how the system operates during normal circumstances in order to detect abnormal performance and ensure cyber security.

Our cyber services help secure your systems’ operation and uninterrupted business even when an external party is trying to affect your system one way or another. We ensure cyber security and premium performance by through planned hardware and software updates.

We define the appropriate level of cyber security individually according to each project’s requirements and design solutions that are cost-efficient and feature long lifecycles even for demanding needs. We also consider energy efficiency by choosing network equipment with optimal power requirements when possible. We can also provide you with hardware that is security-rated by Traficom if required.

Your partner for ensuring cyber resilience

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