Vessel maintenance at sea, in dry dock and in port

A comprehensive maintenance partner ensures that your vessels stay at sea longer and helps minimize downtime in operations.

We provide docking, conversion projects and field maintenance on time and within budget

Millog Group is your partner for comprehensive ship maintenance and docking services. Our Group company Millog Marine & Power is a one-stop-shop for all your marine technology servicing and maintenance needs. Our long experience in dry docking, field maintenance and conversion projects ensures, that with preventive maintenance, we are able to keep your vessels in operation longer and you can rest easy.

Flexibility and transparency are at the core of our service. We customise our solutions to meet your needs, and thanks to our transparent pricing, you can be certain that the servicing rates are dependable. We assess, plan, and agree on the issues to be taken into account in maintenance together with you and make sure that you always have access to the latest information on the progress of maintenance and any problems identified along the way.

Our long experience in working with the Finnish Defence Forces, the Finnish Border Guard and commercial fleets has helped build our high standards of professionalism and quality. We are able to provide experts with security clearance to projects that require special security measures. Our customers can trust us to carry out maintenance within the agreed timetables and budget.

Full-service maintenance and project services for all vessels

Our dry-docking service includes docking and services ordered by the customer, including hull and tank washing, surface treatments and engine, steel, electrical, hydraulics and plumbing work.

We always assess maintenance needs from the perspective of the entire lifecycle so that our customers get the best possible return on investment and benefit. This way, other repairs and installation work can be scheduled proactively and cost-effectively while in dry dock, improving operational reliability and cost-effectiveness and extending service life.

In addition to maintenance and repair docking, we specialise in large-scale refitting and conversion projects, such as the modernisation and repurposing of vessels. Our services include planning, material management, design and installation of ship systems and project coordination.

Maintenance for jet propulsion units and tunnels

In addition to our other marine technology services, we also service and repair water jet propulsion units and jet tunnels for both small and large vessels. Our maintenance extends the vessel’s lifespan and improves performance. Our tried-and-true responsible operating models guarantee reliable service throughout Finland.

Traditionally, a jet tunnel is serviced by removing and swapping the entire jet unit both inside and outside the vessel. Our cost-effective model includes reaming the damaged metal and installing a custom-made corrosion-proof aluminum socket into the tunnel. The socket helps shorten docking times and minimize expenses.

Dry dock

  • Lock gate width 21 m, depth 5.5 m
  • Length 150 m, width 27 m
  • Boom crane lifting capacity 25 tonnes


  • Length 130 m, width 20 m
  • Depth 3.3 m
  • Accessible by forklift

Outfitting pier

  • Length 40 m
  • Located next to the dry dock

Fast docking cycles increase operational efficiency

We carry out maintenance at our shipyard in Teijo and flexibly at our customers’ facilities, ports, during operation and on board vessels in Finland and internationally. Our shipyard consists of a repair dry dock and a project workshop with a high security classification. We also have a service workshop in Lübeck, Germany and provide comprehensive services throughout the Baltic Sea region.

Our field maintenance service provides easy and fast precision maintenance for urgent needs at port and at sea. Keeping docking periods short ensures minimal interruption to your business operations.

We also provide dry dock services for longer, large-scale conversion projects and other needs. Our shipyard manufactures various floating and block structures and other products to order.

Docking and field maintenance

  • Maintenance and repair docking plus long-term dry docking
  • Field maintenance at port and on board vessels
  • Ship machinery and engine maintenance
  • Mechanics maintenance
  • Machinery and steel work
  • Electrotechnical work
  • Heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical work
  • Hydraulics maintenance
  • Damage repairs to underwater components
  • Hull and tank washing
  • Surface treatments
  • Outfitting

Conversion and Mid-life Upgrade projects

  • Conversion and expansion projects
  • Hull modifications
  • Mid-life Upgrade (MLU) projects

New production

  • Floating structures and pontoons
  • Floating pool structures
  • Load-bearing steel structures and block structures
  • Floating homes
  • Dredging platforms
  • Ferries
  • Other new production

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