Sun Ferry – “A smooth partnership requires mutual trust”

Helsinki-based Sun Ferry Oy has been taking its boats for servicing in Teijo for two generations. Millog’s subsidiary Millog Marine & Power Oy is to thank for the conversion of M/S Emma into a “party boat” and for a new coat of paint on M/S Suokki, which has operated between Helsinki’s Market Square and Suomenlinna Fortress since 1952.

“Mutual trust is the most important thing in a smooth partnership. Millog Marine & Power delivers on its promises.”

Teemu Tassberg, Technical Director and Chairman of the Board

Sun Ferry started to use the shipyard in Teijo in the early 1990s and has stayed loyal despite changes of ownership. The shipyard has now been under Millog Marine & Power’s management for several years.

“Millog Marine & Power delivers on their promises. Our organisations work well together; Millog Marine & Power responds quickly whenever we ask for a quote, is flexible with the terms of contracts and sticks to agreed schedules. We appreciate them using local labour and having kept on employees whom we know and like to work with.

Tassberg sometimes asks for a specific member of staff by name – and Millog Marine & Power always tries to comply.

“Millog Marine & Power is not cheap, but the standard of work is worth the money. As long as their prices stay competitive and we stay in business, we will certainly continue to use their services.”

Surprises may lurk beneath the surface

Sun Lines Oy and Sun Ferry Oy have a total of three boats, which they use to provide cruise, charter and scheduled ferry services. M/S Suokki and M/S Tor operate year-round, and M/S Emma can be hired for private events from spring to autumn.

M/S Emma has been thoroughly refitted by Millog Marine & Power. According to Millog Marine & Power’s Project Manager Kalle Pelli, the first step was to berth the boat so that the old interior could be stripped. The boat was then taken to a dry dock, where the team proceeded to disassembly and plumbing. M/S Emma’s auxiliary and main generators were also replaced and its exterior painted. The most visible change was the building of an extension to the stern to create more space for passengers. The boat returned to Helsinki approximately 2.5 months later.

According to Tassberg, the project went smoothly in most respects despite there not having been any detailed plans of the changes. He attended the shipyard in person and designed the modifications together with Millog Marine & Power’s team as the project progressed. Work on the upholstery and finishing touches continued back in Helsinki, since singing and dancing had been banned due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the start of the season consequently postponed indefinitely. After completing the M/S Emma project, Millog Marine & Power began work on M/S Suokki. The plan was to remove all layers of paint by means of sandblasting. The workers were not prepared for as many layers of paint as there were on the old boat, and only a third of the job could be finished during the docking period. The rest of the boat was repainted.

“Millog Marine & Power has the flexibility of a small shipyard, but the process is just as professional as what you would get in a big shipyard.”

“We were able to inspect the hull and get an idea of what we need to do next time. Everything went smoothly. There are always lessons to be learned from every project, but we are in constant communication with the dock master, and there has never been a problem that could not be overcome”, Tassberg says.

Customers from far afield

Project Manager Pelli has a long history with shipyards both as a customer and as an employee. He has been part of the Millog Marine & Power team for over a year now. He remembers first visiting the Teijo shipyard back in 1997, when he was employed by the shipping company Alfons Håkans Oy. He has held various positions in both international shipbuilding projects and on board ships in the North Sea and onshore. According to Pelli, Millog Marine & Power’s shipyard has changed radically over the years.

“It is modern and still being improved all the time. Millog Marine & Power has the flexibility of a small shipyard, but the process is just as professional as what you would get in a big shipyard”, he says.

CEO Pasi Määttä believes that the most important thing is for Millog Marine & Power to provide good customer service. According to him, the shipyard in Teijo draws customers from far afield.

“The ferry serving Hailuoto island is a regular visitor, and we get tug boats here from ports as far away as the Kemi–Tornio area. We also have customers based in the easternmost nook of the Gulf of Finland, as well as on the Åland Islands. Our customers include both commercial operators and state-owned companies.”

According to Määttä, the shipyard operates every day of the year and every hour of the day if necessary. Millog Marine & Power’s team of security-cleared seasoned professionals and long partnerships bring more flexibility.

“I see a bright future ahead. Now that we are under new management, the continuity of our business has been secured and we are able to provide our customers with even more comprehensive service concepts”, he says.

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