KIP Service – “Our top priority is to ensure crisis communication and management”

Senop Communications (formerly Virve Tuotteet ja Palvelut Oy) is making its best practices and successful product features that it has developed for the government sector available for businesses as well. A reliable, fast and user-friendly internal communication system makes everything run more smoothly. KIP Service Oy, a provider of security services to industry and a long-term customer of Senop Communications, knows this well.

KIP Service has been a customer of Senop Communications since 2015. KIP Service provides security and environmental services as well as a range of support services at Kokkola Industrial Park, an ecosystem of the inorganic chemical industry. The complex is home to dozens of industrial plants and service providers.

“Factories, security guards, industrial fire brigades and government authorities must be able to communicate and operate in all kinds of circumstances – including when the GSM network is down.”

Jussi Lång, Security Manager

The company’s communication system also covers a private rail network and port infrastructure. Should something happen, KIP Service can quickly tell what, where and when and share the information with those who need it.

Genuine desire to solve customers’ problems

KIP Service uses VIRVE two-way radios supplied by Senop Communications. The company started with around 20 handsets but now has a total of 110.

“The biggest benefit that we see on a daily basis is the ability to reach the relevant people straight away. Individual businesses can communicate internally, or we can share important information with all the operators in the complex simultaneously. Security guards, for example, have their own talk group”, Lång explains.

“The biggest benefit that we see on a daily basis is the ability to reach the relevant people straight away.”

He is very happy with both Senop’s products and customer service.

“Correspondence with Senop Communications is straightforward. They are genuinely interested in our problems and in solving them. Our partnership works because we have people who listen to each other and exchange ideas with each other on both sides.”

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Jesse Lohtander

Technical Sales Representative
Senop Communications