Capacity and performance at all threat levels

Our strategic partnerships are designed to systematically improve efficiency, ensure timely maintenance and therefore cut costs.

Keeping Finland and Finns safe through a strategic partnership

Millog is the Finnish Defence Forces’ chosen maintenance provider and responsible for servicing the defence materiel of the Finnish Army and Navy as well as the surveillance systems of the Finnish Air Force. The partnership is based on strong mutual trust and both parties’ commitment to long-term development.

Ensuring the reliability of critical defence materiel and logistics requires continuous improvement and the development of increasingly efficient and effective operating models. We are especially competent in modernising vehicles by upgrading systems and equipment to make them more efficient and practical.

Our decommissioning team takes care of reselling or recycling any unwanted stock as well as disposing of sensitive materials securely and responsibly. We can also help with stock level, operational performance and customer service optimisation.

Situational awareness is a key element in modern defence

Our subsidiary Senop designs and manufactures intelligent sights and fire control systems, target acquisition and surveillance systems, high-tech night vision systems and hyperspectral and vehicle cameras for demanding defence and security operations. Senop’s container-based system platform facilitates building mobile units with well-defined interfaces for customer-specific system integration.

Our high-tech products are designed, manufactured and tested to operate reliably under extreme conditions. They are used not only by the Finnish Defence Forces but also by the security and defence authorities of other countries.

Promoting international cooperation

We regularly contribute to international operations by coordinating system and equipment integration, maintenance at local repair shops or via support patrols, and servicing at the end of the operation.

We share materiel with the NSPA, the EDA and NORDEFCO and provide consultancy and maintenance support to the host country and international forces.

Verified performance at all threat levels

The ability to operate efficiently in exceptional circumstances comes from careful planning, and Millog applies the same principles of preparedness as the Finnish Defence Forces: routine procedures are also followed in emergencies.

Our readiness team is responsible for making sure that Millog has clear procedures in place and the capacity to follow them regardless of the circumstances. Regular training exercises with the Finnish Defence Forces ensure that everything goes smoothly in an emergency.

What are the benefits of strategic partnership?

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Jouni Ketola

Customer manager, The Finnish defence forces

Kimmo Myllyoja

Senior Vice President, Partnership and Lifecycle Services

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