Itemization update optimizes your stock management

A labeling and classification update project unifies your nomenclature across the logistic chain and removes unneeded or overlapping items.

Problems with maintenance storage labeling are often noticed only when the required spare part isn’t where it should be. A clear labeling and itemization structure enables quick and easy access to products within your storage. Millog can help you prevent production shutdowns by removing unused items, updating product information and designing a reliable itemization structure.

Is your ERP system up-to-date regarding your inventory, or are you perhaps switching systems? A labeling and itemization update digs deep into your stocked items’ properties, compares them to other products and bundles similar items under the same label. The goal is to establish a unified material management and itemization system throughout the entire logistic chain starting from procurement and storage – and make sure that the system also responds to future needs.

Concise naming structures and correct product information bring efficiency to the logistic chain all the way from procurement to delivery.

Itemization brings efficiency to stock management

Millog has performed itemization projects since 2009. We establish or edit over 20,000 stock items per year and react quickly to item requests. We have a deep understanding of SAP environments and start our projects with a thorough needs assessment that produces action proposals. Itemization can be undertaken as a standalone project or combined with, for example, a warehouse efficiency optimization project.

We study your entire system data and reorganize your items. If needed, we will add new items, renew insufficient data and remove all duplicates. Millog’s work takes place in the background and won’t affect your system or inventory balance. We can also provide training in generating different reports.

Optimized inventory management

Our itemization services include…

  • reorganization for the entire item data.
  • batch importing for large item quantities.
  • checking whether an item has already been established.
  • establishing new items for e.g., spare parts according to mutually agreed processes.
  • adding manufacturer’s part numbers, documentation and other data to items.
  • creating and maintaining itemization structures, control parameters and other data.
  • deactivating deaktivoida nimikedublikaatteja ja tarpeettomaksi käyneitä nimikkeitä.

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