Teollisuuden elinkaarihallinta

Securing production efficiency and continuity

Unexpected situations are easier to manage if the reliability of production processes and logistics and the safety of the work environment have been ensured in advance.

​Specialist expertise for the needs of industrial environments

Millog provides intelligent life-cycle management and other consultancy services to industrial operators throughout Finland. The companies in our group include experts in servicing, logistics and maintenance, secure government and professional communication systems, and high-tech optronic products and services.

We specialise in industries where business continuity and safe working conditions are important for society as a whole.

Comprehensive maintenance, government and professional communication systems, and personal and corporate security

We help to maintain the technology needed to run production processes and critical support systems such as water, heating/cooling and electricity supply, and provide a wide range of logistics services throughout the life cycle of technical equipment. Our long experience and extensive technical know-how ensure a reliable end result in all kinds of environments.

We also help to maintain business and personal security systems, build reliable communication solutions and monitor optical environments and standards. We supply advanced sensors and systems that make work easier in the dark or in otherwise difficult conditions, such as in mines and the process industries.

More efficient stock management and more freed-up capital with outsourced logistics

We provide secure and flexible warehousing as well as reliable vehicles and competent staff. We can also help if you are looking to optimise your stock levels, increase efficiency or improve customer service. Our decommissioning team takes care of reselling or recycling any unwanted stock as well as disposing of sensitive materials securely and responsibly.

All our employees are security-cleared, and we uphold high information security standards.

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Sales manager, authorities and industry

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Sales Director, authorities and industry

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