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We safeguard critical infrastructure, communication systems and equipment

Prevention and the ability to recover quickly from system failures are crucial for minimising the impact of downtime and keeping the consequences as local as possible.

Efficient risk management starts with reliable infrastructure

Millog has strong competence in safeguarding critical infrastructure. We also supply technical equipment, logistics services and critical communication systems to local governments.

Our high-security solutions typically relate to the reliable movement of vehicles and materials and to the safeguarding of energy generation and water supply in all circumstances. The companies in our group include experts in servicing, logistics and maintenance, secure professional communication systems, and high-tech optronic products and services.

Reliability on land, at sea and on railways

We maintain energy and water suppliers’ production processes and distribution networks and ensure the reliability of special vehicles, backup power generators and radio masts. We also help to keep the public informed in the event of regional or national emergencies.

Our strengths in land transport lie in comprehensive fleet management, special vehicles and accessories, refitting as well as productivity and usability optimisation. Our marine engineering services cover ship docking and port infrastructure maintenance.

On railways, we focus on servicing trains, trams and other rolling stock as well as logistics. We also service airport ground vehicles and radar systems.

Verified performance at all threat levels

Our strategic partnership with the Finnish Defence Forces makes us one of Finland’s most trusted service providers. We follow tested and certified procedures that are always seamlessly integrated into the customer’s own operating environment and processes.

Careful risk management and contingency planning as well as regular training exercises help to ensure continuity in the event of disruptions such as telecommunication system, energy generation or logistics failures, major accidents, cyber attacks, pandemics or other threats to society.

All our employees are security-cleared, and we uphold high information security standards.

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