Viranomaistoiminnan tukeminen

We help government authorities to operate efficiently and reliably

Reliable equipment, modern tools and secure communication systems enable efficient and seamless cooperation in all situations.

We help to boost government authorities’ performance and to keep their systems running

Millog is known for our ability to serve government authorities that perform critical functions in society and whose performance affects the safety, daily routines and well-being of the public. Our strengths include, in particular, a thorough understanding of the special requirements of rescue and protection, safety and security, social, health and environmental authorities.

Our life-cycle services for government authorities are typically related to comprehensive maintenance, servicing and logistics of emergency vehicles, technical vehicles and equipment. We make sure that materials are stored responsibly and available when needed and look after the stock. We can also help with stock level optimisation.

Our decommissioning team takes care of reselling or recycling any unwanted stock as well as disposing of sensitive materials securely and responsibly.

Advanced technologies for border control and secure communication

In respect of optronic products and services, we specialise in surveillance technology as well as sophisticated sensor and camera systems for government authorities’ boats and vehicles. We are especially competent in modernising vehicles by upgrading systems and equipment to make them more efficient and practical.

Our high-security office, IT and communication solutions ensure a smooth and reliable exchange of information between government authorities in all kinds of circumstances. We combine products from different suppliers to enable the early adoption of next-generation communication systems, such as the highly sophisticated VIRVE 2.0 network for government authorities.

Verified performance at all threat levels

Our strategic partnership with the Finnish Defence Forces makes us one of Finland’s most trusted service providers. We follow tested and certified procedures that are always seamlessly integrated into the customer’s own operating environment and processes.

All our employees are security-cleared, and our information security standards comply with the KATAKRI auditing protocol.

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