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Secure communication systems for businesses and government authorities

Fast and reliable flow of information increases productivity, improves information security and predictability, and ensures business continuity in the event of unusual developments.

We secure critical communications in all circumstances

Millog is a seasoned provider of sophisticated professional communication solutions for government authorities and businesses. Our subsidiary Senop Oy has decades of experience in delivering reliable communication systems especially for organisations that contribute to critical infrastructure. We take the same level of professional pride in serving private businesses and the public administration.

We also provide affordable high-end communication solutions for temporary installations such as large construction sites and public events.

Private networks, terminal equipment and software on a turnkey basis

Our expertise and the equipment we supply are rock-solid. We are based in Finland, and we build private networks, terminal equipment and software on a turnkey basis. Comprehensive maintenance, programming and life-cycle management services are always included. Secure communication is guaranteed by careful orientation and user training provided by our experts.

Our solutions are always built taking into account every aspect of the customer’s organization. We look for particular challenges and help the customer to identify critical communication systems and find cost-effective solutions to any issues. Change does not need to be stressful or expensive. On the contrary – switching to secure communication is easy now that everyone already carries a smart device in their pocket.

Equipment sales, rentals and leasing
Smart devices
VIRVE systems
Private networks
Auxiliary equipment and accessories

Expert services
Maintenance, programming and life-cycle services
Training and consultancy
Customised products and solutions

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Jesse Lohtander

Technical Sales Representative
Senop Communications

Toni Leppänen

Sales Director
Senop Communications

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