Optroniikka ja kuvantaminen

State-of-the-art vision and situational awareness for challenging conditions

With the leading high-tech optronic solutions in the Nordic countries, you can see and operate efficiently 24/7 even in the most difficult conditions.

Customised optronics and system integration services for businesses, research organisations and government authorities

Millog makes the invisible visible. Our subsidiary Senop specialises in designing, manufacturing and testing sophisticated optical and optoelectronic solutions that can withstand extreme conditions from frost to desert heat. Our products are especially useful in industries that rely on machine vision technology, such as the paper, process, pharmaceutical and mining industries, as well as in the defence, government and research sectors.

Our competence is based on continuous product development, long-term partnerships with research organisations, and an extensive range of machinery and measuring instruments. Our solutions are the state of the art and designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland with over 80 years of experience.

From an idea to a finished product on a turnkey basis

Our unique expertise and diverse machinery make customisation easy and allow us to develop smaller, lighter and increasingly accurate products in a cost-effective manner. We also take care of the maintenance and modernisation of our products throughout their life cycle.

Our product range includes night vision goggles, intelligent weapon sights and a variety of thermal camera, surveillance and positioning systems. Approximately half of Senop’s turnover comes from high-end system integration services and building various kinds of communication and command centres. We also make more traditional products, such as optical lenses and lens assemblies, prisms as well as high-end optical coatings.

Industry and research
Camera systems
Hyperspectral cameras
Electro-optical components
System platforms
Integration services

Defence and security
Advanced sights and fire control systems
Dismounted soldier systems
Target acquisition and surveillance systems
System platforms
Integration services
Life-cycle services

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Juha Falck

Sales and Marketing Director

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