Markku Riekkola appointed Sales Director, Authorities and Industry of Millog Oy

Markku Riekkola has started in a new position as Sales Director, Authorities and Industry.

Markku Riekkola has been appointed as Sales Director, Authorities and Industry of Millog Oy. Riekkola started in his new position at the beginning of June 2024.

Riekkola first joined Millog in March 2023 as Sales Manager, Authorities and Industry. He has extensive experience in challenging business management as well as sales and aftermarket roles. Prior to joining Millog, Riekkola had a long career in the automotive industry in various executive positions, including at companies Inchcape Motors Finland and Bergé Auto Nordics.

In his new role, Riekkola will be responsible for achieving sales targets, leading the Authorities and Industry sales team, managing specified key accounts, and developing sales operations.

“Millog’s Authorities and Industry operations is being developed in line with the group’s strategy to serve as a strong pilar for the entire Millog Group. Considering Markku’s long experience in managing business operations in an international operating environment and working with various stakeholders, I am sure that together we will be able to achieve the goals set for us”, says Millog Oy’s Authorities and Industry Director Toni Piispa.

“Humbled, but full of enthusiasm, I accept the challenge offered. Millog has tremendous potential to serve government authorities and businesses in maintenance, logistics and expert services. Our strategy also supports the internationalization of our operations, so we have truly exciting times ahead”, says Riekkola.

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Toni Piispa, Director, Authorities and Industry,

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