Millog and Intracom Defense signed a teaming agreement for the maintenance of hybrid power systems located in Finland and Estonia

Millog Oy and Intracom Defense (IDE) have signed an teaming agreement that will see Millog providing a comprehensive Follow-On-Support to IDE’s advanced Hybrid Power Systems that are in-service in Finland and Estonia. The agreement also includes spare parts logistics for the systems.

IDE is a leader in Hybrid Power Systems for defense applications, combining conventional power generation with advanced energy storage and intelligent power management. The teaming agreement joins Millog to IDE’s global partner network.

“This partnership is aligned with IDE’s strategy to complement its unique technology with an exceptional support capability, through local partnerships and knowledge transfer. Millog has been identified as the ideal partner for the region, with a strong technical capability, skilled personnel and a deep understanding of the end-user needs”, commented Theodoros Dionysopoulos, Director, Hybrid Power Systems, for IDE.

As a strategic partner to the Finnish Defence Forces, Millog has decades of experience and strong technical capability in the maintenance, lifecycle management and storage of demanding and critical systems. According to Toni Piispa, Vice President of Millog, cooperation with IDE is a great new opportunity.

“We are happy to team up with IDE and expand Millog’s maintenance capabilities even further with new system expertise. We expect a long and prosperous partnership”, says Piispa.

Further information:

Toni Piispa, Vice President, Millog Oy, +358 50 332 1078,

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