Finnish Defence Forces – Stock level optimisation and more efficient logistics

The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command and Millog have embarked on a joint project called VARTNT23 to improve the standard of logistics. The aim of the project is to harmonise the logistics procedures of Millog and the Finnish Defence Forces and to perform a thorough inventory of supplies.

The project is part of the Finnish Defence Forces’ comprehensive logistics development programme. Logistics at the Finnish Defence Forces’ Explosives Centre have already been overhauled under the programme, and the Logistics Command has now shifted its focus to what it refers to as “cold materiel”, which includes everything except for explosives.

Millog and the Logistics Command are due to adopt the new harmonised logistics procedures in 2019–2020 and individual units in 2021–2022. Improving the standard of logistics also improves the Finnish Defence Forces’ operational readiness.

“Our two organisations know each other well, which makes it easier to work together to improve our stock management procedures and the standard of our logistics. The plan is to audit supplies, improve stock management and introduce new technologies”, explains Marko Kinnunen, Vice President, Logistics and Material Services from Millog.

Among the goals of the project is building more accurate and up-to-date situational awareness. Having the supplies in stock match the organisations’ needs better also makes the use of storage space more efficient. The plan is to harmonise all logistics processes, technologies and procedures.

“We can support our customer by piloting new technologies and helping them to develop new solutions of their own. Experimenting with new approaches and coming up with innovative ideas comes naturally to us”, Kinnunen says.